little black dress

Everyone has a little black dress, right?  I have like 29 little black dresses, but who’s counting?  The little black dress, the one you love, the stalwart, the I look freaking great and you never let me down dress.  Oddly enough, I feel the same way about my cast iron spiders.  Not arachnids silly gooses!  Skillets!  Cast iron skillets!  I have 5!  They never let me down and, no matter how much weight I lose or gain, they always make me look good in the kitchen.  One of my  spiders belonged to my great-grandmother Sheridan and another to my grammy Sheridan.  How lovely is that?   The thing about a cast iron skillet is- you can bake a cake in one, roast a chicken, fry an egg, flip a pancake, braise an endive, stir a soup, mash potatoes, simmer a sauce, boil water, make a cheese-grilled samitch (more on that later), sear a steak on an open fire, stir-fry those little baby corns and steam broccoli!  Oh my gosh!  You can make macs and cheese and tuney feesh casserole in a cast iron skillet. You can make donuts in a cast iron skillet!!!  DOH!  Cast iron skillet!  What  CAN’T you do?  What be your little black dress in the kitchen?

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