ruby red grapefruit! i love you so!

The last time I went shopping at Lambert’s I bought a whole bunch of grapefruit because they were 5lbs for .79 cents, or something ridiculous like that- Got home, threw them in the produce bin in the fridge… Well, the other night I was putting together a spinach salad and I LOVE grapefruit segments in spinach salad, so I pulled some grapefruit out of the fridge.  The first one, blah- white grapefruit, the second one, pink, nice- and then, I cut open the third one….

ruby red grapefruit

The photo does not do that lovely grapefruit justice- I mean when I cut the thing open I was like, oh!  And then, I ate it all up!

Anyway, spinach salad.  I love spinach salad and I make it all kinds of ways, but in the winter I like it with some grapefruit tossed in because I hate winter and grapefruit tastes so not wintry.  So here’s a little recipe for spinach salad with grapefruit and other things-

The amount of each ingredient is up to you!

Baby spinach- washed and dried

Slice some red onion AS THIN as you can- throw it in a medium size bowl.

Now, if you know how to peel and segment a grapefruit, do it over the bowl of sliced onions.  Add as many segments as you’d like to the onions and make sure you squeeze what’s left of the membranes over the onions. Please, please if you don’t know how to segment or you just don’t have the time, buy a glass jar of unsweetened grapefruit segments or pick some up at the grocery store salad bar!  Let the onions sit in the juice for 5/10 minutes or more. While the onions “marinate” I usually wash the greens/spinach, set the table, see whatever else I can find in the fridge and/or pantry for the salad…

So, turn your spinach out into a salad bowl and dress it with a good balsamic vinegar.  I use Ariston Balsamic in a refillable bottle- the stuff is like crack.  I know that’s wrong, but it’s true.  Now, I’ll just say something right here, if  you use a good vinegar to dress a salad, adding oil is nonsense.

Now, use your hands or a big spoon and scoop up the onions and grapefruit and toss them on top of the spinach- you don’t want a ton of the juice on the spinach as it’s already dressed.  I like to add a little something salty to this kind of a salad.  The other night I found some feta and a jar of green martini olives in the fridge.  Yes, I know, you’re all shocked, SHOCKED that I have a jar of martini olives in my fridge!  I grabbed some of those olives along with the feta and threw them on top of the salad, fantastic!  Then, I made myself an extra-dry vodka martini with TWO olives and, I drank it alllllllllll up!  Cheers!

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