the best intentions. omg! what the hell is that?

You know, whenever I go grocery shopping it’s always with the best intentions.  I’m going to change my diet, eat more kale because it’s green and more densely packed with goodness than any other food on our planet!!!  Which, explains why you have to cook it in soup or saute it in olive oil and like a TON of garlic to make it taste like anything other than kale.  I’ll eat more blueberries, strawberries, broccoli, and red grapes and be anti-oxidated!  I’ll eat oatmeal and lower my cholesterol!!!  Recently, I’ve decided I will eat more bananas because they have something to do with potassium, they taste good in cereal, Weight Watchers says they’re 0 points instead of 2 and, not to alarm you all, but the banana we know and love is basically going extinct.  Seriously, google it!

is it me? or is this image somewhat disturbing?

So, I go out, I buy some bananas and bring them home.  Evidently, it is now virtually impossible, in this world, to buy a yellow banana.  So, I put them in a paper bag for 2 days to ripen and turn yellow.  It’s like, why does finding, buying, peeling the chiquita sticker off a banana, sticking the sticker on my forehead, dancing around the kitchen singing the chiquita banana song wrapped in a tropical print beach towel with a bowl of plastic fruit on my head and listening to the Hi-Fi while peeling and eating said banana have to take so long and be SO arduous?  These are NOT, the bananas of my childhood!  I basically get to eat one and maybe, maybe if I’m lucky- I get to eat two …and then, in the morning, I’ll come downstairs to my kitchen and on the counter, next to the microwave there’s something really gross sitting there on a dish! I know what you’re all thinking, yes I do!  You’re thinking – “OH MY GOD!!!! WHAT THE HELL IS IT???”   Well my darlings IT, is going to be banana bread!

A lovely recipe for banana bread-

Have all your ingredients at room temp.

preheat your 0ven to 350

Using unsalted butter, butter a 9x5x3 inch pan (or any pan you have close to that size) and please, I am begging you!  Do not use pam or any butter flavored spray to grease your pans- it’s gross! It’s full of nasty things and a little butter WILL NOT kill you, but that spray on butter crap will. Trust me.  Look, get yourself a little pastry brush and mark it butter/oil- when a recipe calls for a buttered pan- melt a tablespoon of butter and butter your pan with your lovely little brush- Seriously, you won’t even use the full tblspoon!

In a bowl mix together the following dry ingredients, and set aside:

1 cup white all purpose flour

1 cup whole wheat flour

1/2 teaspoon of salt

1 teaspoon baking soda

In a standing electric mixer or using your hand held mixer or go all manual and use a wooden spoon-

cream: 3 tablespoons of butter and gradually add 1 cup loosely packed dark brown sugar

add 2 large eggs, one at a time and 1 cup very ripe mashed bananas (3 or 4 bananas should do it)

then add 1/2 cup buttermilk (I use low fat) and 1/4 cup of fat free Greek yogurt.  If you can’t find Greek yogurt, just strain a little plain yogurt)

and 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract

and just make sure everything is nicely combined – don’t worry if it curdles a bit, it’ll be fine-

Now, get your bowl of dry ingredients and slowly combine it with the wet ingredients.

When everything is nicely combined pour it into your prepared pan and pop it in the oven for about one hour- check it after 45 mins and make sure the top isn’t getting too brown.  If it is, just cover the top very loosely with tinfoil.  Bake until a long wood or metal skewer comes out clean.  cool 10 mins in pan, tip over to release.

I would have added a 1/2 cup of walnuts to this, but I ate them all last week.  I really love to toast this bread after it’s been around for a couple of days- but it never is.  When my son was little he loved for me to spread a slice of it with peanut butter for a snack.  Sometimes, I’d throw a dish of sliced apple on the side and call it lunch!

it's all goodness...

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4 Responses to the best intentions. omg! what the hell is that?

  1. emeconeme says:

    I made a banana spongecake, using the cup of a yoghurt as the measure/proportions, and it was yummy!!! I didn’t know “Chiquita”, here in Spain it is “Plátano de Canarias” and they must take black spots on the skin. By the way, I did mine with olive oil, half a yoghurt cup!! XXX

    • I love using yogurt in quick breads and pound cakes! Not only does the addition of yogurt cut down on fat content, it also imparts a lovely flavor to cakes and breads. I use olive oil when I’m looking for more of a savory taste as opposed to sweet. Keep on baking emeconeme!!!

  2. pegleeco says:

    My Dad shipped Chiquita bananas as a Captain,working for United Fruit. Bananas put food on my table and clothes on my back.
    A trainer told me she makes oatmeal,smashes up a banana and mixes it in with a bit o brown sugar and cinnamon.tastes like banana bread .
    Are you having fun ??? I think you are!!

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