sole of the border

So, I am still all over that Dover Sole!  I was at the Whole Foods the other day and bought some more.  I am on a Dover Sole binge!

hello my lovely dover sole

The other day I tossed some sole into a bowl with a little froth of egg white, salt, pepper, cumin, fresh coriander and fine ground cornmeal- I was going for a Mexican vibe-

sole of the border

I tossed some roasted red peppers and grape tomatoes with a bit of olive oil about in a skillet until they were heated through, perhaps for a minute or two.  Then, using tongs, tossed the pieces of fish in with the mix-

I stepped away from the stove to chop up a bit of red onion, set it aside, stepped back to the stove and flipped the fish about.  Stepped away again, grabbed a piece of lavash and got it ready to accept the fish!


I tossed the the mix right from the pan to the lavash, sprinkled it with a bit of aleppo pepper, a smattering of chopped red onion, a spritz or 2 of fresh lime juice and rolled it up!  Muy Delicioso!!

Today, I whipped up a plate of Mediterranean goodness by adding oregano, salt and pepper to the egg white and tossing in some kalamata olives along with grape tomatoes and a dusting of parmesan! Molto Bene!

Healthy, yummy goodness in under 10 minutes!

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