i have learned through fat & thin…

Not only do I hoard buttons, I hoard wee dishes and little bowls.


little dishes & wee bowls

So these are like 2o of my 100+ little bowls and dishes- God help me, but I almost bought 4 more today. I mean they were HALL pottery and all that- but $3.99 a piece!!! HELLO, fuggedaboutit. Instead, I bought a Vivienne Tam shirt, a MOTH skirt, a fabulous vintage dress- put $10 bucks of high-test and a quart of oil in the mg and called it a $20 dollar day!  Well, anyhoo.  I got all crazy about little dishes and bowls when I embraced the concept of Mise en place.  Ooo! Fancy pants, speaking french!

Mise en place, a french term or phrase defined by the Culinary Institute of America as “everything in place.”  That means- reading the recipe all the way through, as many times as you need to- it’s the whole measure twice- cut once groove -bringing the ingredients of any recipe to the desired temperature for optimal success,  preheating your oven, greasing your pans, getting out the needed spatulas and spoons and blenders and mixers, you know, your equipment, your “Batterie de cuisine”  (more on that another time)  and, my most favorite part, preparing, arranging and organizing the ingredients you need for whatever it is you’re cooking and putting said items in little bowls and plates and dishes!

Seriously, I Mise en place my head on my neck and attach it to my shoulders EVERY morning- if I didn’t…. Mise en place really became the way to do things when Auguste Escoffier was being a mad chef and running a kitchen via the “brigade system.”  It is a wonderful thing to have everything out, chopped, whisked, sliced , separated, sifted, melted, preheated, greased and placed in little bowls!  You should Mise en place a peanut butter sandwich, french toast, scrambled eggs- really, try it!  I have learned through fat and thin- Do NOT question Escoffier.  Google the Escoffier.  Escoffier is THE SHIT!!!  Do as Escoffier says- Mise en place!!!

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